Rainbow Six: Mobile is coming to iOS and Android later this year

Rainbow Six: Mobile Announced for iOS and Android! This game from Ubisoft takes the popular slow-paced tactical game of Rainbow Six: Siege and brings it to mobile, along with many familiar maps and operators that have already sieged quite a few bomb stations point.

The game will offer a variety of game modes, including an attack and defense mode that will pit two teams face-to-face in the best “fast-paced 5v5 matches” of the three series, facing intense close combat while making timely tactical decisions ”, as well as protecting the area and protecting the bombs.

Those who have fallen in love with Rainbow Six operators can expect them to be here too, bringing their own unique abilities and gadgets. There’s no word on how much we can expect at launch, but we can see at least ten key arts, including Ash, Mute, Caveira, and British heart throb Sledge.

As for how the game is made specifically for the mobile platform, the game is said to have been designed with shorter matches and gaming sessions in mind. Not only that, but players will be able to customize the HUD and controls however they want – which will be much needed due to the different sizes and capabilities of the Ios and Android platforms.

While it’s obviously cool to see a new game coming to mobile, and the joy of Rainbow Six reaching more and more players around the world, the Ubisoft team certainly has a lot of work to do if it wants to convince them. The game benefits from a pre-existing community, and the Rainbow Six experience can transition to a completely different platform without losing some of the luster that has so far gained its ardent fan base.

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