Rainbow Six Siege will be cross-platform on Xbox and PlayStation in 2022

Rainbow Six Siege is celebrating six years of operation towards E3 2021. There weren’t any big revelations about new operators, maps, equipment, or competitive play today, but some updates can be very important to the community. Existing players and new outlook.

On June 30th, Rainbow Six Siege will be cross-platform, with cross-progression on PC, Luna and Stadia. This allows players to interact with these services and platforms and maintain progress as they move from one to the next. This is a big deal, but the big deal will arrive in early 2022.

Early 2022 will bring cross-play between the Xbox and PlayStation platforms and cross-progression across all platforms. Basically, at the beginning of 2022, you’ll be able to play Siege with almost anyone, anywhere, and keep all progress as you move between platforms. It’s a journey, but it should have a big impact on the game and its players when the game arrives.

In addition, a new animated trailer will be released with this announcement, allowing players to see some characters. These trailer shorts have become a popular game that helps define the story of their savory cast. At North Star, you can see some of the new Rainbow Six Siege characters-outside the usual siege to homes, offices, and other environments. Rainbow Six Siege is a notable example of a game launched with boring emotions, but as big changes continue to unfold in speedy clips, it has grown into a powerful and admired experience as a service in a live environment.

Have you tried Rainbow Six Siege? Are you still enjoying it? If I haven’t done so already, can I try it out with cross-play and cross-progression? Let us know in the comments, and stick with us for E3 2021!