Rainbow Six Siege’s last year 6 operators throw instakill spike traps

Kapkan is no longer the only Rainbow Six Siege defender who sent the attacker to the tomb that suddenly exploded. Brianna “Thorn” Skehan is an Irish catcher, released in Siege’s High Caliber season later this year, she carries traps that are more deadly than her Russian peers, and a brand new SMG that hits like a brick.

Thorn’s gadget is Razorbloom, a sticky pill-shaped neighboring mine that she can throw and stick to anything (if one of Ela’s Grzmots mines can stick there, so can it). The full power of the Razorbloom spike payload is a one-hit kill at close range, and it will cause hellish damage from a few meters away. But unlike Kapkan’s trip mine, Thorn’s Razorblooms will warn the attacker for 3 seconds before exploding. Getting out of its range is enough, but in a game where taking a wrong step might kill you, running is not always an option.