Rainbow Six Siege’s next operator takes a page out of Valorant’s playbook

We’ve gotten to the point where Rainbow Six Siege is pretty much done. There are many operators, arguably too many, who can break through walls, drive cameras, or set traps. But with plans to add four new operators a year, Ubisoft is looking outward to create interesting new characters. Siege’s newest attacker, Sens, feels like the product of a particularly popular shooter: Valorant.

Sens is a Siege rarity: 1 speed, 3 armor attacker, no shield. The only other operations in this class are Gridlock and Fuze, two supporting operations that are interesting but irrelevant. Sens, on the other hand, includes a gadget that could become a favorite among Siege’s most serious ranking players.it’s known softwhich is basically a rolling donut with a wall of light blocking the view in its wake.