Rainbow Six withdrawal will be released on the first day of the game pass

Rainbow Six Extraction It was released on January 20, and today it was announced that the game will enter the first day of Game Pass.

PlayStation game consoles will also land on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Players can play this game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Tactical FPS has a PvE cooperative experience, which can be played alone or in a squad of up to three players for various invasions.

It was also announced that “Rainbow Six: Siege” will also land on PC Game Pass on January 20. As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can already use “Rainbow Six: Siege” on consoles and cloud platforms, PC players will have the opportunity to learn some shooting skills while waiting for the release of “Rainbow Six Extract”. Players who play siege and evacuation at the same time can unlock the equipment that will be included in the united front bundle.

If this is not enough, Ubisoft also announced today that it intends to introduce Ubisoft+ to the Xbox platform in the future.

“Rainbow Six Extract” is now open for pre-order.