Rank each Far Cry game

Go to a foreign country. Embrace the countryside. Look at the beautiful wild animals. Killed a lot of people. These are the pillars of Ubisoft’s popular open-world shooter series Far Cry. Now that our editors have enough time to play the latest games, we have let these murderous travel simulators use their steps to find out which ones It is a top dog.

Here are all the games of Far Cry, from worst to best.


Far Cry Revenge (Wii – 2006)

The only game that has been criticized, Revenge is the Wii exclusive remake of Far Cry: Instinct, it’s not good at all. Like many Wii ports in other console games, Vengeance has interesting controls, but the ugly visual effects and stupid AI make it absolutely the worst way to play Far Cry.


Far Cry: Instinct (Xbox – 2005)

As an Xbox exclusive remake of the original Far Cry, instinctively many compromises must be made to make the classic sandbox shooting game run on the console. The most important thing is to reduce the sandbox elements, making the game more linear than the PC version. The result is a game that feels like its most significant element has been destroyed.


Far Cry (PC – 2004)

The original Far Cry game developed by Crytek and published by Ubisoft is completely different from today’s series. The focus of the first game is a soldier named Jack Carver, who is looking for a reporter on a mysterious island full of mercenaries and bloodthirsty mutants born from evil experiments. Basically a sandbox version of “Half-Life”, “Far Cry” surprised everyone that day. Not only is the unscripted and unpredictable enemy AI amazing, but the openness of each level provides you with enough tactical space when you fight against them. Want to enter the mercenary camp quietly and split the soldiers with your machete? This is feasible, like sniping the enemy from a distance, or rolling into the camp with a jeep, and run over the enemy as much as possible before the bullets fly by. All this may sound boring now, but as early as 2004, it brought a new dimension to first-person shooters.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for the original work to return to the present, especially considering that the series has developed so well under the guidance of Ubisoft.


Far Cry 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2008)

There are as many black sheep in the family as there are people who hate it. Nearly 10 years later, there are still many fans (like me) gathering around the game’s split malaria and weapon jamming systems because it leaves players feeling powerless in a genre that is not known for doing so. However, the muddy graphics, so-so gunfights, and infinitely reborn enemies make it difficult for Ubisoft to return to its first developmental outing with one of the largest franchises, because of how enjoyable the subsequent entries are. Nevertheless, the narrative of Far Cry 2 is bold and bold, and even if other elements are not available, it may stand the test of time.

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Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2018)

This trip to Montana is not exactly the best, but if you are willing to review a meaningless story and questionable cooperative progress mechanism, it is still a great old time. Joseph Seed and his family of weirdos are easily forgotten, especially when next to Vaas or Pagan Min, but the emergency adventure you can take during your own exploration is one of the best experiences Far Cry has to offer. In addition, nailing a man’s face with a flying shovel never grows old.

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Far Cry Primal (PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2016)

Primal is an important game in the series. After more than ten years of running and shooting around the world, “Far Cry” started to feel a little different. Primitive, it goes back in time and casts you into a caveman fighting for survival, it’s just the adrenaline dose it needs. This battle of exchanging firearms for spears and stone axes is rich and interesting, as is the Fang Fang you can summon to help your enemy camp when raiding enemy camps.

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Far Cry New Dawn (PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2019)

New Dawn is more than just a color vision swap, it continues the story of Far Cry 5 and manages to turn lemons into some very sturdy lemonade! By focusing on the core mechanics of Far Cry (beyond the camp and gaining powerful weapons) and emphasizing the fantastic progression system of the series, while also adding some crazy maxes, New Dawn has become the most enjoyable work in the series One, even if it lacks the provocative elements of other games.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2013)

Despite boasting about fascinating stories, Far Cry is usually very, very, very stupid—but it’s a good way. The blood dragon is the crazy height in “Far Cry.” “Blood Dragon” is more like a neon combination referenced in 80s movies, rather than a story Terminator, Robocop, Wave field, with Predator Create something very ridiculous and interesting in the blender.

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Far Cry 6 (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Stadia – 2021)

cute dog. Crocodile in a shirt. Giancarlo Esposito Some people would say that this is the secret of success. As Dani Rojas, you have blazed a chaotic path in enemy territory to usurp the villain Antón Castillo. Of course, the main content of “Far Cry” is also prominent when you participate in reward activities when you deal with the core storyline.

The side missions and optional content on Yarra Island are important, and you also have some serious choices to determine your maneuvering methods. From vehicles to wingsuits, your journey is always accelerating, shooting, sliding and looting. Giancarlo Esposito ranks among the best villains in Far Cry as Antón Castillo.

Although “Far Cry 6” may not be a revolutionary experience overall, it is a good example of the correct use of the “Far Cry” formula.

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Far Cry 4 (PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2014)

The Indian/Nepal style Kryat scene is probably the most beautiful scene in the series, riding an elephant through the huge gate and shooting with an assault rifle is amazing. For those who like “Far Cry” trying to tell a gripping story, 4 (our review here) may also be the strongest entry in this regard. Ajay Ghale’s pilgrimage to bury his mother’s ashes makes him a particularly sympathetic protagonist. The story of the game is chaotic but always fascinating, because Ghale is involved in a split revolution against Pagan Min. Pagan Min is Ghale’s standard. Father, and the most memorable villain in the series except, well, who do you know…


Far Cry 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2013)

Have I told you what is the definition of “mental insanity”? With this simple question, the crazy pirate Gas became one of the most memorable villains in video games because of his unpredictability and eloquence of insanity. His question is also a good summary of the “Far Cry” series, each game is increasing the stakes, trying to give you an incredible, adrenaline-rushing experience, while also trying (with varying success) ) Let you catch your virtual protagonist responsible for all the terrible things he does. This is a strange narrative structure with inherent basic flaws, but it also participates in a way that other series do not have.

Even after 4 and 5 improve the minor game elements, 3 is a game that solves the problem of 2 having to create fascinating firefights and an excellent open-world survival system. From lighting a cannabis field to torturing your friends to save their lives, Far Cry 3 goes all out to try to balance the antics-rich combat with a subversive narrative. No other Far Cry game can capture the success and inherent flaws of the series like 3, which makes the third game the best game in this bloody fight.

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