Rank Every Metroid Game – Game Informer

Keeping up with the original Metroid was a tall order, let alone on Nintendo’s early-’90s portable consoles. Producer Gunpei Yokoi and the Nintendo R&D1 team packaged the entire Metroid adventure on the original handheld, and in many ways it looks and plays better than the NES quality benchmark the studio was after. Following the Metroid events, Samus landed on Metroid’s home planet, SR388, to neutralize the biological threat.

Given the Game Boy’s technology, Metroid II is often difficult to read in its raw green screen format, where the background and characters don’t quite tell the story of what happens when the action begins. It also suffers from the camera being too close to Sams, making the world feel more claustrophobic than it actually is.

Metroid II was incredible at bringing an ambitious Metroid adventure into the Game Boy, but it was outdated both inside and outside of Nintendo. Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS is a next-gen adaptation, and if you can find it, fan-made game AM2R also provides a better way to experience Samus’ sophomore outing.