Ranking of each mainline halo game

The mission has changed. They always do this. Although this is true, the core of the Halo franchise has not changed-it is the Master Chief, Cortana, some powerful guns that will never go out of date, and the soundtrack that never slackens. For decades, Chief and Cortana (and partners like Buck) found themselves on Earth, Sanghelios, galloping in space, on explosive rings, and so on. But no matter where we are, we are completing battles-even if some of them are harder than others.

Sadly, Chief did not participate in the Game Informer editor’s battle to rank all Halo games. From worst to bestIt should be noted that we chose to rank only FPS Halo games on Xbox consoles, which means that you will not find mobile, arcade or RTS derivative games like Halo Wars or Fireteam Raven in this list. Now, enter the rankings-continue to find out which Halo game has completed the battle on the top.