Rare Everwild restarts and Xbox Series X games set for 2024: Report

Xbox fans wondering why it’s rare Everwild It didn’t appear in Sunday’s E3 showcase, but it did. The studio has “completely restarted” an open-world adventure game under a new creative director, reporting that its release is years away. Video game chronicle..

Cite sources with knowledge of EverwildRegarding the development of VGC, VGC reports that Rare has carried out a “complete overhaul of game design and direction” as follows: Former creative director Simon Woodlov retires last fallGregg Mayles has been working for Rhea for over 30 years and, according to VGC, has been hired as the most senior employee on the creative side of the studio and as the creative director of an ongoing reboot, VGC reports. I am. Everwild Executive Producer Louise O’Connor confirmed his appointment in a statement to VGC.

“Greg Mayles joined as creative director at the end of last year, and the team has become stronger than ever,” O’Connor said in a statement. “Since we released our Eternals trailer to the world, we have made progress in all respects. Everwild..

“The team continues to work hard to realize our vision and bring about the magic of nature. Everwild For the lives of players around the world. “

Rarely apparent Everwild At X019 in November 2019, the trailer for “Eternals” mentioned by O’Connor was released in July 2020. .VGC sources told the publication that Rhea was essentially “restarting from scratch” and the studio is now “optimistically” planning to release the game in 2024.

This is a weekend commented track from Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat. Games Beat decided Podcast, Grubb reports: “When the creative director left, they [Everwild] — They restarted it. The game is currently “scheduled for 2023,” Grab said, but could be “easily” pushed in 2024.

It’s worth looking back at Polygon’s interview with Craig Duncan, head of Rare Studios in July 2020. Everwild trailer. Duncan’s comment was characterized by the game being in the early stages of development. The new context of these reports from VGC and GamesBeat shows how early it was at the time. And today, Rare has restarted the project.

“Part of the reason we didn’t talk so much Everwild Because we still feel a lot of these things, “Duncan told Polygon.” We’re still playing with gameplay ideas. We’ll talk about that in the future. I’m going to talk a lot, but … we have ideas that are really passionate and I think there’s something special. “

Polygon has contacted Microsoft for comment on the VGC report. We will update this article with the information you received.