Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart developers are celebrating no crunch because they need good news

We have made many reports on the crunch problem that has hit many industries. So what if you have a good story about it? Yeah, we want to celebrate it. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is currently released and boasts an impressive review score throughout the game. The title of such an impressive game, as our own Andrew Reiner says, shows the first true power of the PS5 system and is concerned with the amount of work spent creating it. .. Crunch is an ongoing problem in the industry, and like many other developers, some praise Insomniac Games for creating this epic adventure without jeopardizing the mental state of the team. .. And what do you know? It’s amazing.

It all started when Insomniac game designer Grant Parker visited Twitter, shared a Ratchet review hub, and said he was grateful to those who “shared this positive opinion.” .. “I can’t tell anyone on the team, I can’t say anything but myself, but I’ve never crunched. For 40 weeks. It’s possible to work on a great game,” he added. .. [without] suffer. ”

Parker quickly confirmed that he wasn’t speaking on behalf of someone who might have had a different experience than he was, so some other developers were in trouble to celebrate their success. I participated without being asked.

One developer told me last night: Let’s make a game that everyone can get excited about together. ”

It’s important to celebrate the good and report on the bad, but reporting only the negatives, not the progress to solve those problems, only fills the incentive to do better. I’m proud of the team that made such a great game. That said, it’s important to remember that just because a few people are in a big studio doesn’t mean that overtime has gone to zero or zero. When we tried to reach out, we received the same remarks as above. You love to see it.

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