Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s RYNO 8 is a PlayStation cameo appearance gun.

At first Ratchet & Clank In the game, players can get RYNO, which stands for “Rip You a New One”. You need to understand. It was in the early 2000s. RYNO is the ultimate weapon and it costs an exorbitant amount to get the game’s currency, Bolt. As the series progressed, developer Insomniac Games added a new RYNO with new effects.

RYNO in past games has always been a big gun with a strong punch, but in RYNO 8 Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartment Is a completely different thing.

[Spoiler warning: This post includes spoilers for the RYNO 8, Rift Apart’s ultimate weapon. There are light image spoilers for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s story.]

Players will not be able to get RYNO 8 until the second half of the game story, and will get it for free if they collect all the Spybot collections scattered around the world.

RYNO 8 summons items of a different dimension, slams them on the ground, and creates a purple shock wave that destroys everything nearby.Some of these objects RiftA world like a big dinosaur or a spaceship. But other objects come from different dimensions — a dimension familiar to Sony fans.

When you summon an item, it starts in the air and crashes to the ground. Most items will explode when landed, but Easter egg items tend to remain for a moment. Some items last only 1 second and can be very confusing.

After a slight upgrade of RYNO 8, I took about 45 minutes to shoot the portal on the ground. Depending on the arena you are participating in, there are small items and large items. Here is the list of references I found in RYNO 8.

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Blargian Snagglebeast strikes like a gorilla when summoned.
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Ratchet & Clank 2016 A remake is, above all, a remake of the original game, built to be tied to a duo movie. Blargian Snagglebeast — The original classic boss Ratchet & Clank — It will look updated in the 2016 version. And RYNO 8 can summon a new shiny Blargian Snagglebeast to smash enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Ratchet & Lavager machine.Crank: Lift Apartment

The devastated behaves like a growl
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

There are two creatures from Horizon Zero Dawn Things that can jump out of RYNO 8.

Above you can see Lavager, a small fighter with cat-like claws.

Ratchet & Thunder Joe Machine.Crank: Lift Apart

Thunder Joe stomps after landing
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Thunder Joe Horizon Zero Dawn.. It is the equivalent of T-Rex in the series.

Jack and Daxter

Jack in Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apart

When first landing, Jack looks very confused
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

RYNO 8 can call Jak from. Jack and Daxter (Although it is an adult version from Jack 2 And Jack 3). He crashes into the ground and stands a little before returning to his plane. Jack’s orange-mouthed companion, Duxter, will not appear.

Sly Cooper

Ratchet Sly Cooper & Crank: Lift Apartment

Sly looks left and right after landing
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper series gets quite a few RYNO 8 Easter eggs. At first, Sly himself jumps out of the portal and hangs out a bit before leaving.

Ratchet & amp; Sly Cooper Bank Rank: Lift Apartment

The Sly van bounces a bit before returning to that dimension.
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

The second is the Sly Cooper Van, which brings together the brains of Sly’s theft (Bentley) and muscles (Murray).

Ratchet Bentley Statue & Crank: Lift Apartment

Bentley statue is hard to catch before it disappears
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Finally, there is an object like a Bentley statue that falls from the sky and disappears quickly.

Sunset overdrive

Ratchet Fiji & Crank: Lift Apartment

Fiji flies around and waves before it disappears
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Sunset overdrive Get the appearance of two easter eggs in Rift.. The first is the drink mascot, Fizzie, which drops from the portal for a few seconds. It shakes a little and disappears.

The second Easter egg is the barrel of the OverCharge Delirium XT, which falls from the sky and disappears in a blink of an eye.

Abyss song

Ratchet &'s Song of the Deep submarine.Crank: Lift Apartment

Is a small submarine from Abyss song!!
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Abyss songIn Insomniac’s Metroidvania submarine game, you will get only one Easter egg. Player-controlled submarines can fall from the sky and land on Earth before exploding.


Ratchet & amp; Unknown 4 Jeep Crank: Lift Apartment

I think this is an Uncharted 4 jeep
Image: Insomniac Games / PlayStation Studios via Polygon

I’m not entirely sure if these two Easter eggs are actually Uncharted, perhaps Related to Nathan Drake and his treasure hunt. Above you can see a tanned jeep very similar to the jeep on which Naughty Dog Nate, Sally and Sam are riding. Uncharted Pirate King and the Last Hallows..

There are also propeller planes that fall off the RYNO 8 lift. It’s likely a homage to Victor Sullivan’s propeller plane, Hog Wild, in the Uncharted game.

These are the references we were able to pick up after spending some time shooting on the ground. There is no doubt that enthusiastic fans will find more Easter eggs. Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartment It’s out in the wild.