Raven may be planning to reduce lens flare in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk 84 map

By Dom Peppiatt
May 24, 2021 14:18 GMT

A Call of Duty: War Zone Developer Raven Software The studio hinted at working to reduce solar lens flares Verdansk 84..

After receiving complaints from players about the inclusion of lens flares in Verdansk ’84 and its intensity, Raven’s developers suggested that the studio consider a solution to correct the brightness of the map.

Players have been complaining about the brightness since Verdansk 84 came to Warzone at the beginning of Season 3. Some lament the fact that the brightness changes too rapidly when running indoors / outdoors, while others point out that the sniper’s brilliance is hidden, giving more coverage. so.

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As Eurogamer picked up, one Raven staff member acknowledged the issue, suggesting that a fix may be in progress.

In response to articles shared by Dexelt, Raven Software’s lead VFX artist Reed Shingledecker Tweet: “You can easily tone down if you want.”

Developer Continued “You seem to know what you’re doing on Monday. We’re happy to investigate and address VFX concerns. Thank you for your feedback.”

Single Decker explained that “cloudiness, divine rays, or actual sun brightness” cannot be changed, only the lens flare itself can be adjusted, as to what changes can actually be made in the short term. did.

The Verdansk 84 hasn’t had the smoothest introduction since its arrival in April. The redesigned arena was subject to some nasty undermap exploits, and developers had to deliberately step up their efforts to deal with the rise of in-game scammers. ..

We hope to incorporate small fixes like this lens flare correction over time to fix the myriad of issues that plague players with one of the world’s largest battle royale.

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