RDC 2021: Update on Roblox’s vision and way forward

At Roblox, we are changing the way people come together to connect, create and express themselves through shared experiences. Our platform has more than 43 million daily active users in 180 countries/regions, achieving tremendous growth. Thanks to the immersive experience created by our developer community, we bring them together at the Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) every year. RDC is a multi-day event where programmers, builders, and 3D artists all gather to listen directly to product and engineering leaders and connect with each other.

In our keynote speech, founder and CEO Dave Baszucki, VP of Developer Relations Matt Curtis, and myself were very happy to review the many progress we have made throughout the year and highlight several exciting platforms Update while immersing yourself in the Roblox developer community.

Rendering fidelity

In 2020, we will enhance the material of the virtual world through the improvement of rendering fidelity.We released The future is bright, Dynamic sky, with PBR texture— A key step in our vision of creating immersive rendering and simulation technology. This allows developers to use higher fidelity when customizing the look and feel of the experience.Next, we will focus on the advancement of simulation functions, such as aerodynamics and real-time Inexperienced CSG, Can achieve realistic visual effects, can be modified to turn your vision into reality. These improvements will enable you to use real shapes (including curves) to build helicopters, airplanes or fast-moving cars. The rest of the work is done by our physics engine.


Our vision for Roblox Avatars is a digital you, which can be whoever you want to be, judging from the way you move, speak and dress.The latest updates include the upcoming Layered Clothing Studio Beta Release and Beta of Dynamic Heads, which is the first step in enabling users to express the breadth and depth of their emotions and identity. Layered clothing allows for an explosion of possible combinations of customized avatars, as any body can be equipped with any layered clothing. At the same time, Dynamic Heads will bring facial expressions and expressions to life. These versions represent a series of innovative important stepping stones to improve the expressiveness and combination in the meta-universe.

Build a sound economy

In addition to creating tools and systems that maximize developer productivity, we are also creating more opportunities to build a virtual economy. We have 1.3 million developers and creators earning Robux, and this year, they are expected to earn $500 million from their creations. Last year, we introduced participation-based payment (called premium payment) as a way to reward developers for creating participation experiences (in addition to earning Robux through experience purchases). Today, 50% of our top 10,000 developers get more benefits from these engagement-based expenditures than experiential purchases. We also provide developers with more ways to make money on the Roblox platform by improving sponsored content and the ability for some developers to create and sell their own avatar items.

Roblox open cloud

The future of developers on Roblox is in Roblox open cloud. Studio is an incredible tool for our developers. But as our communities become broader and more diverse, we feel that we need them to have more capabilities to drive the industrial ecosystem that they can use. Therefore, our idea of ​​creating an Open Cloud program is that third-party components can be directly plugged into all our back-end services without going through Studio. This will create an ecosystem where developers can build and discover custom tool chains that maximize productivity.

Opening These interfaces will allow a new class of creators to emerge-build new development tools to support workflow (and possibly provide them to other developers through the market).this Roblox Open Cloud enables developers to take their business to a new level, which means Support large teams; support specific fields, such as artists or coders; and integrate with other tools to increase the richness of the environment. Not only that, it also provides users with a secure and flexible platform that allows them to seamlessly access their Roblox resources. These improvements will enable Roblox Become an incredibly fast and reliable engine, enabling developers to build better, more dynamic and higher-performance experiences.

Store It is an important part of platform scalability.In order to provide developers with greater flexibility when data becomes more and more complex, our data storage Now supports values ​​that are 16 times larger than the last RDC, and our new high throughput, low latency Memory bank Data services enable developers to quickly access non-persistent data that is shared across all servers in the experience. The latter is a good way for developers to store and update rankings on global leaderboards or to optimize and match user experience based on skill levels. This is just the beginning, we have more!

Shared structure: communication and civilization

When we consider ways to achieve deeper immersion, we use our Space Voice Beta emission. Voice and gestures are essential to human expression. We raise our voices to reach people far away, we speak in a low voice when we want to be cautious, and we change the way we communicate according to whether we are alone or with others. In the future, we will be able to add nuance and emotion to our language-not only through emoticons, but also through facial expressions captured by our webcam.This supports scalability and meaningful experience Interaction in Metaverse.

Finally, safety and civility are the foundation of our vision to create an inclusive community that everyone feels welcome. We are improving our review support. This year, we have reduced the robot exposure rate by more than 75%, and are building tools to allow developers to manage their communities.The upcoming experience guide and the recently launched Age verification service Help achieve a dynamic level of safety and civil interaction in a wide range of experiences. This gives developers the freedom to build outstanding and unique experiences while ensuring consistency across the Roblox platform. As we continue to improve safety and civilized practices, users and creators will spend less time waiting for review and dealing with bad actors, and will spend more time turning their imaginations into reality.

Looking to the future, we envision that Metaverse will continue to change the way you connect, create, and express yourself through shared experiences. You can stroll along the streets of ancient Rome with your classmates, attend concerts with friends thousands of miles away, and hold virtual team building activities with colleagues from all over the world to learn about ancient Rome. Almost anything you can do in real life, you can experience it on Roblox. We will save you a front row seat.