Ready to confirm the level of the school and lose the publisher

Kotaku Report Tactical first-person shooter inspired by SWAT ready or Not The company from Void Interactive parted ways with its publisher Team17.The separation was after the team made a controversial response to Reddit postal Ask if Void will add a school shooting level in a future update.This reply It is “you better believe it will”.

After the news of this response began to heat up and Void released a message, the reason for the split was almost confirmed statement Intended to distract the situation.

It’s worth noting that the mention of reminding team members to be cautious about sensitive topics: “We recently had to remind some team members to be cautious when discussing these materials now and continuously.” This is the statement that comes closest to admitting that someone in the team has messed up. The statement also reiterated how it worked closely with law enforcement to make the game as realistic and thoughtful as possible. Given that the relationship between many people and the police is becoming more and more controversial, it can be said that the concept of the entire game is full of controversy. Add to that the extra trauma caused by the American school shootings, and you will get an explosive set of themes that even those who treat them the least may be confused.

Ready or Not was announced a few years ago and was selected by Team17 in March last year. Early access was conducted on Steam, but the release date was not announced. This is the same formula used by Team17 for other team shooting games Hell Let Loose. There are doubts about the future plans of the game, although Void believes it can blaze a path on its own.