Red Dead Online’s biggest superfan could lose 6,000 hours of progress on Stadia

Some developers working on projects for Google’s soon-to-shut Stadia cloud gaming platform have pulled the rug from their feet (opens in new tab). Many gamers are losing their save progress and preferred platform.It can be said that no one compares YouTuber (opens in new tab) and Tik Tok (opens in new tab) Creator Colour, as reported game radar (opens in new tab)ended 6,000 hours (opens in new tab) On the Stadia version of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption Online 2. All that rooted cowboy fun is about to fade away like tears in the rain.

6,000 hours spent on anything is absolutely staggering. It’s not your usual “spending too much time in the game”, it’s 250 days. For five years, I’ve been an avid barbell and kettlebell lifter to what I could easily call “intermediate to advanced.” The math behind the napkin allowed me to actively pursue one of my major hobbies at the time for 1,500-2,000 hours.