Red Dead Online’s summer update will feature house robbery and more

rock star Announced what you can expect Red dead onlineThis is the next big update of, and seems to be especially advantageous for morally suspicious players.

As part of the Red Dead Online early summer update, Rockstar Games has announced the introduction of a range of new features and bonuses to the game.

This update seems to have been teased a few weeks ago as the “Underground Crime” update. The Summer Patch headline is a feature that allows you to plunder homes in the five states of Free Roam and open new avenues for personal affluence.

This seems to be a good tactic for players who want to make cash without the initial cost. It also provides role players with an unjustified way to troll the western pioneer era and laugh in front of law enforcement officers.

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In addition, rock stars can earn 1.5x RDO $ on every sale of a complete collectible set, and double roll XP on discovering collectibles, thanks to this week’s Red Dead Online bonus. It outlines that it can be done. ..

If that’s not enough and you want more RDO $ and XP, you can get bonuses for each in the following modes: Hostile Territory, Named Weapons, Pillage, Team Shootout. In addition, if you win this week’s featured series mode, you’ll receive a free hat reward up to rank 15 (until June 16th to complete this).

In-game this week offers a variety of discounts, including Pennington Field Excavators, Horse Lanterns, Metal Detectors, Sophisticated Binoculars, 40% Off All Gunbelts, and 30% Off All Collector Role Costumes. Criollo Horses, Aguila Machete.

Finally, if you’re a member of Twitch Gaming, you can claim some bonuses within Red Dead Online. Connect Rockstar Games Social Club to your Prime Gaming account to get 30% off bar expansion offers and your favorite beginner or promising moonshine items, in addition to free emotes. You must be connected to your account by July 5th to use these items.

Since its launch in November 2019, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 36 million copies, and Rockstar Games released a standalone version of the game’s online mode, Red Dead Online, at the end of 2020.