Redfall leak definitely makes it look like a predator shooter

Redfall is an upcoming co-op game of Arkane. Arkane is an open-world shooter game set in an island town. Its founder may have been destined for a vampire invasion when he decided to name it “Redfall”.The point of revealing the trailer is to tease the characters, but Leak claims to come from gaming testing Include screenshots and tips about gameplay.

The pictures of the loading screen and the test area with “Loot Zoo” will definitely make Redfall look like a predator shooter. The equipment seems to be divided into five rare levels, high-end weapons have level restrictions, and there is an item shop. Guns have scrap value, but it remains to be seen whether scrap is currency that you can spend in item shops, or whether there is a crafting system. The leaker hinted that “the game style/loop is very similar to Borderlands.”