Reference to the controversial Battlefield 2042 of the Russian-Ukrainian War. The skin is being renamed

dice Battlefield 2042 It is in the early access stage, and the game has caused some controversial cosmetic elements sensation. According to a new statement from the developer, the skin of expert Pyotr “Boris” Gukovsky will be renamed, which mentions the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Every European playersAfter fans pointed out that the term was what Ukrainian civilians and media referred to masked Russian soldiers who were sent to the country’s green army, the epic skin known as the “little green man” will be renamed the uniform during the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 .

This change occurred after fans on Twitter and elsewhere complained to DICE. One player wrote “Can you jokingly put aside the Russian terrorists who occupy parts of our country? Why not include ISIS or Taliban units that you don’t know about?”

DICE’s communication team responded to the tweet: “We sincerely thank you for bringing this to our attention. Using this name is unintentional. You helped us make a positive change in the game. Thank you.”

A separate tweet later confirmed that the name will be removed from the game and changed after public response. “It inadvertently mentioned a real-world problem and did not reflect the values ​​of our team,” DICE said. “We will change the name in an upcoming update, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.”

This is not the only change in the game in the short term: DICE lists a large number of known bugs in the game, some of which will be fixed soon.

If you are not sure whether you want to jump into “Battlefield 2042”, you can read our “Battlefield 2042” review summary. After all, if you don’t know the first season of the game until next year, then this is something worth doing.