Regarding “Battlefield 2042”, we still have many unsolved questions

To be fair, for most of today’s large games, there are usually piles of questions, and we rarely find the answers until the release. Battlefield 2042 It’s definitely such a game. Even setting aside all the technological innovations and gameplay reforms that DICE brings this time, any battlefield release requires a certain degree of review.

We have reviewed everything we learned from the Battlefield 2042 beta in a separate story. Here, we will focus on problems that DICE has not solved, or problems that we simply cannot determine from the beta.

What about weapon attachments?

Battlefield games do not always provide a wealth of weapon customization options-in terms of sights, barrels and other accessories. “Battlefield 4” is the pinnacle of it. Not only does it provide a wide range of gameplay change options, but each option has a different version to get more visual diversity.

As “Battlefield 2042” brings us back to modern combat, and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019” sets new standards here, many people are happy to see what type of attachment system will be used in the game.

Unfortunately, the beta version did not provide any answers. Although it does have a Plus menu that allows you to switch gun accessories on the spot, there is no menu to indicate which accessories you want to take with you.

For example, some weapons have suppressors in the Plus menu, while others do not. In the last game, it is unlikely that only those weapons will use silencers, but the omission of such a major function is undoubtedly very strange.

Animation of entering and exiting vehicles?

Starting from “Battlefield 1” and later “Battlefield 5”, DICE has developed the habit of carefully crafting in and out animations for all vehicles. Although this is largely acclaimed for the added immersion and dynamics for this basic task, many people believe that it deviates from the arcade nature of the game and makes getting in and out of vehicles very troublesome.

The Battlefield 2042 beta somehow has both. I found that there is no animation when entering the tank, similar to Battlefield 3 and 4. But when I was driving, I repeatedly asked my teammates to jump in and out of the gunner and passenger seats, and played the in/out animation every time. In fact, the veterans of “Battlefield” will know how this will temporarily obscure the driver’s view, and this is indeed the case here.

This is either just that there is no unfinished animation in the beta, but will be added at launch, or DICE decided to have the best of both worlds: by instant transition in the first person and adding gorgeous animations that are only visible in the third person.

Where is the danger zone?

So far, we have learned a lot about two of the three main experiences of “Battlefield 2042”: the classic total war and the modular-driven battlefield portal. Before the game was delayed, we should have been introduced to the new mode now.

Rumors and data mining indicate that the danger zone is similar to escaping from Tarkov-at least in some elements. Based on these findings, there seems to be continued character progression and permanent death. Players will be loaded into the multiplayer map version, where they must compete with others and defend against enemy AI to ensure intelligence and extraction.

Given that the timetable for “Battlefield 2042” has changed, it is difficult to say when the danger zone will be officially introduced in detail. In fact, when DICE and Ripple Effect focus on the other two modes, the experience may be delayed.

How many of the issues we raised have been resolved?

For the upcoming Battlefield beta, this is always a problem, but it is still a valid one. As we pointed out in the beta print, many of the elements in the Battlefield 2042 beta feel very basic, as if they were just added.

Obviously, this is not surprising for the beta, but 2042 is too much in terms of technology, gameplay, UI, and design. DICE has mentioned in the Q&A with the media that most of the UI has been updated, but what should I do if the network code is inconsistent and the performance is low?

Considering how close we are to the release of the game, in this case, this is even more worrying. I remain optimistic, but the last time DICE released the game on five platforms was not smooth.