Release of Pokemon Unite set for summer on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Pokemon Unite, A multiplayer online battle arena-style game, Pokemon Company, coming this summer Announced on Thursday.. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch in July and on the mobile platform in September.

The Pokemon Company also debuted a new movie trailer Pokemon Unite On thursday. Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Absol, Snorlax and all kinds of Pokemon will appear. You can also see Scorbunny defeating Lillipup and evolving into Raboot.

Pokemon Unite It will be a game that you can play for free. Developers are planning cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing users to sync their progress across platforms.

The game takes place on an unexplored sea island called Aeos Island. Players form a team of five and compete to score more points than their opponent’s team. In the game, players can evolve their Pokemon with a new form of energy called Aeos energy. At the beginning of each match, Pokemon will restart to level 1. Level up during the match to evolve your Pokemon and unlock powerful movements like Unite Move. This sounds like the ultimate.

Details from the Pokemon Company regarding the rules of Pokemon Unite:

Unite Battle is a place where trainers and their partner Pokemon compete in 5v5 team battles. The secret to winning a unite battle is to get a higher score than other teams when you run out of time. To earn points for your team, you need to defeat the wild enemy Pokemon to collect the energy of Aeos and deposit that energy in one of the enemy team’s goal zones. Unity battles take place at different stadiums, and each stadium has different rules. The number of team members, the length of the match, and even the legendary Pokemon may vary.

Sticking to the MOBA tradition, different Pokemon have different strengths and weaknesses Pokemon Unite, Therefore, make each more suitable for a particular role, such as “attacker, speedster, supporter, or all-around.” Everyone starts with a beginner cup, but there is also a rank ladder mode.

There are also some fun highlights outside the arena. In other words, you can not only customize the trainer, but also dress up your Pokemon with “various outfits”. So you could add some flair to that Pika power.