Remember the origins of the pioneering PMS clan

In the early days of PC games, Crackwhores and Girlz of Destruction were closely integrated All Girls Earthquake ClanBreaking up a world for womenIn the late 90s/early 2000s, game culture may also be a different world. But it was Psychotic Man Slayers, also known as PMS Clan, that helped women enter competitive games collectively. It all started with two sisters on Xbox Live: twins Amy Brady (Athena/Valkyrie) and Amber Dalton (Athena twins) .

“When we first founded PMS, Amy and I met two other girls online. It was so cool. We couldn’t believe it. For example,’Gosh, let’s go play some games’, we We did it, we are killing everyone,” Dalton said. “This is how we started, from looking for women to being purely just awesome.” When PMS started attracting sponsors, they eventually changed its name to Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers. Brady and Dalton also learned that a disbanded all-women Quake tribe had a similar name: Psycho Men Slayers, some of whom came to join the new PMS tribe. Today, it is one of the oldest competitive gaming organizations in the world, with members on every gaming platform.

(Image source: PMS Clan)

“When we created that [PMS] Label, that’s because everyone has used it [three-letter] abbreviation. As a woman of that era, you would say,’Oh, they will know that they will be killed by women,’ right? Brady said. “We knew we were immediately identified as women. We like that. “

There are many female players. They have been there.We saw them from the beginning

Amy Brady