Report: Take-Two Interactive cancels the $53 million Hangar 13 game

According to reports, Take-Two Interactive cancelled a US$53 million game developed by Hangar 13.

This news comes from BloombergAccording to reports, “people familiar with the decision” learned that “further development of the unannounced title in preparation” has ended. According to reports, this game, code-named Volt, has gone through many iterations since it was first conceived, but the final reason for its cancellation was repeated “restarts, technical failures and challenges caused by COVID-19.” Bloomberg report.

Volt’s development began in 2017, and it centers on various superheroes competing with each other. It will emphasize online gaming.

“It is set as the new intellectual property of Hangar 13, but 2K executives believe it is not worth the investment because it requires a lot of development time before it becomes a finished product,” Bloomberg Report reading.

At the time of writing, there were no layoffs as a result, and Bloomberg According to reports, 13 employees of the hangar will meet on Thursday in Novata, California, where the studio is located, to discuss what will happen next.

Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier, who wrote this report, tweeted more details about the cancelled projects and the people affected.He said The staff of Hangar 13 in California learned via email today that Volt had been cancelledHe also pointed out that some non-U.S. staff learned of the news from his reports.

Schreier also said that the cancelled game is not “Mafia 4”, some people think it is “Hangar 13” developed based on rumors. He said the rumors of “Mafia 4”Except for their early attempts in 2016-2017, they are always wrong.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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