ResetEra Game Forum sold for $4.5 million

Reset eraOne of the largest online games and community forums, has been acquired by MOBA Network for US$4.55 million. No changes will be made to the operation and management team of the forum.

Among them, 3.55 million US dollars have been paid in cash, and the remaining 1 million US dollars will be paid before December 31. ResetEra makes money by selling ads and subscribing to delete the above ads. According to the press release announcing the acquisition, the company had sales of $700,000 last year.

MOBA Network is seeking to introduce new advertising formats and increase the share of direct advertising sales, with a view to large-scale growth in 2022.

Anyone can publicly access ResetEra, but there are significant restrictions on new memberships. It has only about 55,000 members, but 45 million forum posts from its participating communities. These membership requirements will remain unchanged.

MOBA Network is a Swedish media company with multiple websites and online communities, including,,,, and some others. It also operates a YouTube network-the League of Gamers (UFG)-which manages more than 1,000 creators.

Established in 2017, ResetEra is the new home of NeoGaf members and was previously one of the largest gaming forums in the world. Allegations of sexual misconduct against its owners triggered a large-scale exodus. Many core members of NeoGaf left and established ResetEra, which emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness.