Resident Evil 4 VR review-breathe new life into familiar feelings

When it comes to whether someone should play, I have two thoughts Resident Evil 4 VRIf you have never been in contact with the original RE4, then you should never jump into this version; in VR, everything that makes (and for that matter) important will be completely out of your mind. However, if you have played Resident Evil 4—especially if you have done it many times over the years—you should play RE4VR at all costs.

As the name suggests, RE4VR is just that. This is Resident Evil 4, but in VR. The perspective change of the game has a direct novelty—introducing it into the first-person perspective allows you to observe up close the game world that the third-person perspective cannot bear. As an effective remake of a 16-year-old game, RE4VR sometimes shows its age—mainly when approaching certain muddy textures and assets—but it looks good anyway. As someone who has played the original version has counted more than me, it is always fun to have the opportunity to see the 1:1 reproduction of RE4 levels, characters and monsters.

In most cases, changes specifically for VR are also welcome. The protagonist Leon Kennedy holds a huge interactive briefcase with all his weapons and equipment is an explosion assembled in VR. Even if you are more or less just playing Tetris with a gun, you can do as much as possible in real life. Speaking of which, the gun looks great. I had a lot of fun, holding iconic weapons such as the Red9 pistol and Striker shotgun, and carefully observed the added details. Same as items around the world, such as keys, money, and herbs. Before you put all items in inventory, you can pick up and inspect all items. I’m sure that to all the neighbors who have been staring at my hand, I look like an idiot, but they don’t know that this is the first time that I have observed yellow herbs up close-their loss.

“Combat” received the most significant reform in RE4VR, which made me ecstatic. As we all know, the original work changed the typical third-person perspective from a fixed perspective to a modern back perspective. But it still has a tank control function, which means Lyon will only move in the direction he is facing. In addition, he cannot move while aiming or shooting. Although it was revolutionary at the time, there are obvious narrative and mechanical disharmony in the original gameplay.The game positions Leon as America’s badass action hero, But once you control him, you are still as clumsy as the old idiot from Resident Evil in the past. If you choose to turn on full motion instead of teleporting, RE4VR will completely abandon this model. I can’t recommend it; it combines mechanism and story in a way that has never been before.

Running freely on the battlefield completely changed the way enemies engage in RE4. Rather than trying to line up with a row of enemies and do as much damage as possible before they reach me, I’m always on the move, adjusting my game style to the current situation, attacking the enemy instead of defending. From the beginning, I shot enemies around like a virtual reality John Wick. I think at this point in my life, RE4 will never make me feel “fresh” anymore, but RE4VR has completely changed the way I play one of my favorite games. It is completely different from every RE4 game I have played in the past 16 years. It feels fresh, exciting, and completely different. For the first time in years, I no longer experience action, and iconic moments like the early village encounters, the El Gigante battle and the minecart roller coaster are rarely as interesting as they are now.

Converting RE4 to the first person also has a big impact on its horror-although it is still not the scariest thing you can play on the market. Being surrounded by enemies in VR is an inherent tension, especially when you are at a loss. When you see them towering high above your head, many incredible big bosses are also very threatening. More than once, when I tried frantically to get rid of any threats approaching me, RE4VR put my heart in my throat. Sometimes this can exacerbate some problems with tracking two-handed weapons, which do not record one of my hands or inputs, such as loaded shotguns or sights. Fortunately, this rarely happens, but it still leads to some annoying deaths.Until I unlocked Striker, which allowed me to shoot automatic shotguns with one hand like Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 -But it’s cooler.

In 2020, I played the original RE4 three times before and after.This is my usual thing Play for comfort; I can load and explode effortlessly. RE4VR has completely changed my relationship with a game I know better than most people. If you are a fan of RE4, you can use Oculus Quest 2, and don’t mind having a Facebook account to play Oculus games is morally and ethically problematic, then I can’t recommend RE4VR too much. It’s like injecting new life into an old, familiar feeling.