Resident Evil 7 has sold more than 10 million copies

Resident Evil 7 Since its release in 2017, more than 10 million units have been officially sold worldwide. An impressive number was announced today.

Although Capcom did not provide breakdown data for each platform, nor did it provide any additional details, this has made Resident Evil 7 the publisher’s second-selling game ever, second only to Monster Hunter World (17.3 million ).

And, according to a senior analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmed |, Which also makes “Resident Evil 7” the first game in the series to set the record without relying on remakes/re-releases.

So far, it looks like Resident Evil Village-the latest version of the series-is keeping pace with Resident Evil 7 and may even eventually surpass it. In just two months, Village sold more than 4.5 million copies.

The success of “Resident Evil 7” is not surprising, which further proves that Capcom’s decision to reinvent the series is correct. The village borrowed many game elements established in Resident Evil 7, mainly from a first-person perspective.