Resident Evil Village demake turns Dimitrescu Castle into Castlevania

For many players, the opening hours of Resident Evil Village is the highlight of the entire experience. As you wander through her maze of castles and avoid mutant prisoners hidden in the dungeon, avoiding Madame Dimitrescu is one of the best Resident Evil of the past decade. Come and see, a huge castle run by a vampire is reminiscent of the first level of another Japanese game, Castlevania. A developer named OcO created a 2D “demake” that turned Castle Dimitrescu into a tribute to Dracula’s original homeland presented in the original 1986 action platform game.

About “Residentvania” page, OcO pointed out that the development took two months, and their work on all custom pixel art assets did show off. As the 2D version of Village‚Äôs favorite wife, Ethan Winters, you will walk through dilapidated towns, past the duke and his commercial car, and enter the well-ventilated Dimitrescu castle, full of mutant servants and werewolves. The only thing I can complain about is that all audio comes from a free sound library, not a chip-based thing like the NES Castlevania provides.

(Image source: OcO/

However, Ethan’s ability is much stronger this time. Like Simon Belmont, he can attack enemies with a knife or shoot from a distance. The gameplay is very simple, jumping between the basic platform and the battle, but I dig into how it reproduces the atmosphere of Resident Evil and Castlevania. The second main stage is set in the dungeon of Dimitrescu Castle, where mutant servants appear in the shadows and unlock the cells, just like the original sequence.