Resident Evil Village Food Location | Where to find fish, juicy games

Kill monsters with Resident Evil Village I’m hungry-it’s work. That’s why, along with his less common stock, your merchant friend, Duke, suggests making a hearty meal for Ethan-you bring him the ingredients. If you can.

With regular cuts fishThere are special groceries throughout the village, such as chicken and meat.

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These are unique items used to get the best bonuses Dukes Kitchen has to offer. This includes health buffs, increased movement speed, and increased blocking efficiency.

Of all the ingredients, it’s a fish, Finest fish, juicy games, and high quality meat You will have a hard time finding enough numbers, so focus on where you find them.

Poultry and meat can be found in various parts of the village. Meat in particular is much more than what is needed for every buff in the game.

Resident Evil Village | Where to Find Special Foods

Resident Evil Village has three special foods: the finest fish, juicy games, and high-quality meat.

It is supposed to collect hidden pictures of each special animal to reveal its location, but in reality it will appear as soon as you complete the castle section and you can harvest food without picking up the pictures. I will.

Where to find juicy games in Resident Evil Village

Juicy games are collected from strange birds in the graveyard next to the War Maiden statue in the middle of the village.

From the statue of the maiden of war, look up at the tree behind the small mausoleum and turn left.

You should see a blue bird on the branch. Shoot it down and you’ll find a juicy game of cooking in Duke’s kitchen.

Where to find high quality meat in Resident Evil Village

At the beginning of the game, we will visit a villager named Luiza’s house. To get there, you went through an area called a fallow and met a young woman and her father in a small house.

You will return to this house through the graveyard, past the church, through the fallow.

From the back window, you can see a white pig next to the well. Simply put, become a real monster among all of these, kill pigs and get high quality meat.

Where to find the best fish in Resident Evil Village

To collect the finest fish, you need to complete the Merman Morrow section of the game and find the crank.

Go to Lone Road between Duke and the ceremony site, lower the drawbridge over the river and board the boat.

Immediately look back at the boat, get off at the bottom of the river and disembark at the pier you find.

Turn left and you’ll find a small pool of golden catfish where you can enjoy the finest fish.

Where to find fish in Resident Evil Village

For regular fish, you can find works alongside the finest fish mentioned above, but there are three more places.

First, there is a pool in the tunnel between the house you passed by when you first left the castle and the ceremony venue. It’s just before you get a winged key from a youkai.

Then there is a badly hidden side pass that feeds the Morrow section four fish.

After the mining section, you can finally get on the boat and drive to the pier and small tents.

Before entering the tent, look to the right and walk down the cave trails here.

Finally you will find two big catfish that give you two fish each.

Finally, ironically, after defeating a very large mini boss, you can get another fish on the Otto’s Mill.

This happens after the Morrow section where you can take a side pass to the mill before going to Heisenberg’s headquarters.

First defeat the bosses, then unlock the red door next to where they worked. Behind the door are a variety of meat fillets that can be gracefully packed into your backpack.

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