Resident Evil Village gets free DLC

Resident Evil Village Players will get some free DLC at some point in the future.

Capcom mentioned the news of free DLC entering the game in its latest comprehensive corporate report in its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2021.

Yoichi Egawa, director and executive officer of Capcom, mentioned DLC (Page 49). Jiangchuan first discussed how the company will allocate 80% of the development investment budget to stably develop popular IP series on various platforms, such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. He also started to create new IP, mentioned the development progress of Pragmata, and then used more corporate speeches to release DLC news.

“We will promote our customer management to understand the user’s game trends and preferences, and at the same time establish a business model for online operations,” Jiang Chuan said, “taking into account our free additional DLC, such as “Monster Hunter: Rise” and “Bioman” . Evil village.”

When players can expect to release additional DLC is not yet known, but we know it is always in progress, because at E3 2021, Capcom announced that people should look forward to the Resident Evil Village DLC in the future.

The first batch of extra content is provided with the Trauma Pack, which is included in all versions of the game and features mainly decorations.

In its latest financial report, Capcom announced that “Resident Evil Village” has sold more than 5 million units, an increase of 500,000 units from the 4.5 million units reported in July. This number represents the total sales of the game on all platforms since its release in May.