Resident Evil Village: Moro’s area reportedly had mermaids before big makeover, content cuts

Resident Evil Village was released last year, and we gave it a 9.25 out of 10 and a spot on our top 10 games list for 2021.While we’re all waiting for Capcom to announce the DLC coming last June, it’s standing out and doing well – the tried and true Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem In Resident Evil, some new information has been revealed about the Morro Swamp District.

More specifically, Twilight Golems report that Morrow’s parts feature mermaid enemy At some point before a lot of content was removed from this area of ​​the game. According to Dusk Golem, the cuts were made because the Moreau area “required some major remodeling to be fully interesting, but they had limited time and budget to work on, so opted to focus on remodeling the Castle Dimistrescu and Heisenberg’s factories” .

“The Morro section originally had an open section that resembled a swamp, with a layout similar to something like Zoe’s swamp, taking time to get in and out of the water, although ultimately linear, with several paths through, usually a choice of wading or wading water and land,” Twilight Golem wrote on Twitter“In the water, there are all kinds of things scattered all over the place that can be picked up from a trailer, but the water is home to mermaid enemies. In the water, if they spot you, they will quickly swim for you, while You must acquire a piece of land or successfully kill them before they reach you.

“Even on land, they can be annoying, with a screaming attack that will stun you and slow you down for a while. Screaming has a second purpose though, [as] There is a stalking enemy in the swamp. Now, I don’t know who the stalker is, but I have to guess it should be Morrow. I have described it as ‘a slimy, tyrant-like creature with a giant acid bag on its neck and shoulders,’ which can both spit acid and use its claw hands when approached. “

Dusk Golem says mermaid screams will attract stalker enemies to you, who is the main threat when crossing land areas (not in mermaid-infested water).Finally, the Twilight Golem says there is a sequence in Morrow’s part “weird ritual type stuff in the swamp” happened. They describe it as featuring some werewolf enemies and witches, like what Dimitresscu’s daughters end up being. They are all placed around fires with items around, players can fight with them to get items, or sneak over to pick them up.

“That’s how well I know the Morrow part,” Twilight Golem wrote. “As far as I know, it still needs a lot of work and focus elsewhere.”

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