Resident Evil Village shipped 5 million units less than six months after launch

“Resident Evil Village” was released earlier this year on May 7th, less than six months after the release, but its shipments have reached a staggering 5 million units.

This message is through a Press release From Capcom, the company reported that due to the expansion of the series, the overall sales of the “Resident Evil” franchise have grown steadily.This hints at what happened in Resident Evil away from the controller, such as Netflix Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Anime series And upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie.

“Capcom remains firmly committed to meeting the expectations of all stakeholders by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities,” the press release read.

Chronicles of Video Games According to reports, Village‚Äôs 5 million units shipped faster than the first four games of the Resident Evil series. However, earlier this month, Capcom announced that Village’s predecessor “Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil” has shipped 10 million units.According to reports, Capcom hopes that “Village” will surpass “Resident Evil” to become the fastest selling “Resident Evil” game VGC.

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[Source: Capcom, Video Games Chronicle]

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