Resident Evil Village: Spoiler Heavy Q & A with Director Tadashi Sato

Resident Evil Village Since the game started on May 7, it has inspired the imagination of survival horror fans. And while the game’s tall vampire woman, Countess Alcina Dimitresk, was in the spotlight, villageSince its release, players have been equally obsessed with other characters in the game, including Ethan Winters, Chris Redfield, House Benevient Residents, and Karl Heisenberg.

Played Resident Evil village Overall, many (mostly spoiled) questions were left, such as “What’s happening on the sleeves of the Ethan Winters jacket?” “How do people know that Chris Redfield once hit Boulder?” “Hmm, is Karl Heisenberg a Nazi?” (Missing the argument that Karl Heisenberg could become a Nazi. For those of you, people online were wondering if Heisenberg was a Nazi because of Capcom’s character design choices. Resident Evil village Answer from Director Morimasa Sato.

Sato mandated our random questions. It can be read below.

[Warning: The following interview contains spoilers for Resident Evil Village.]

Image: Capcom

Polygon: Karl Heisenberg describes Chris Redfield as “People who hate boulder punchesIn the boss battle. How does Heisenberg know that Chris Redfield hit the rock? (Also, what is the Japanese version of “People who hate boulder punches”?)

Morimasa Sato: Unfortunately, I can’t give you a deep answer as it was added as a bit of a fan service, but I think the battle between Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield is quite famous. space. Heisenberg knows the tragedy that happened while Ethan was in America, and he knows about BSAA. He also got news about the world through Duke, so it’s quite possible that he received information about Chris’s past through those means.

And for the curious, he calls Chris the Japanese version of the “gorilla.”

When Ethan cut off his hand and reattached it (including the sleeves of his shirt), it looked like a rare and very careful choice. Are you worried that players might be confused by Ethan’s magical healing jacket? Was there an internal discussion about it?

It was definitely a scene performed to create shock and distrust. For those who played, I wanted to have this strange and distorted familiarity. Biohazard 7 Biohazard, Because it is very similar to Ethan’s experience at Baker Estate.For those who didn’t play the first part, we wanted to create a similar sense of impact. RE7I wanted to subtly interweave the two divisions in this way, so players will be happy when it’s all over. Resident Evil Village..

When it comes to Ethan’s shirts and sleeves … Let’s say Ethan has surprisingly fast sewing skills. *Lol*

What was the design intent with Lady Dimitresk? Did you want to make her attractive? grotesque? What were you trying to convey to your players in terms of size, height and fashion?

There were multiple design plans up to “Castle Boss”, all designed to stimulate fear and intimidation in some way. In contrast to the final product, some designs were bordered by ugly, straight grotesque visuals.

But we knew from a very early stage that a dangerous and powerful woman wanted to live and own the castle. There was debate about taking different approaches to not only instill fear, but to maintain charm, mystery, and beauty. The idea of ​​creating an incredibly tall woman was the end result of putting all these elements together.

When it comes to her fashion, she wanted to combine modern design with Gothic overtones, so she was inspired by the fashion seen around the Great Depression.

Screenshots of various CDs from the Ethan Winters collection at Resident Evil Village

Winters Home CD by artist Miss D & Pallboys
Image: Capcom via polygons

Was Lady Dimitresk a premortal jazz singer based on the CD found at Winters’ house (pictured above)?

Anyone who finds and reads the in-game files will know that Lady Dimitresk wasn’t originally from the village, but lived in the outside world before being taken to Miranda. Whether she was a jazz singer in her past life is left to the player’s imagination, but she visually fits that part most reliably.

The player seems to like it House Benevient section of the gameIs this an experiment that could be seen further in future Resident Evil games (or another IP)?

First of all, it’s an honor to hear the many fanfares surrounding the game. The development team, including myself, scrutinizes and reads player feedback and reactions. It is always encouraging when many of the emotions are positive.

Whether you think you’ve succeeded or not, I think you can remove a lot from the ideas that can lead you from concept to realization. I think it’s always important to see what we’ve built up in the past and learn from it, but we’re not bound by it. We want to be able to continue to make things that have a lasting impact on our players. I’m glad to hear that House Beneviento was very well received. Hopefully in the future we can create other new scenarios that may be different but have the same lasting impact.

[Ed. note: Sato declined to answer our other question about House Beneviento and its nightmare baby out of an abundance of spoiler-related caution. Its origins and inspiration will remain a mystery for now!]

Karl Heisenberg is … Nazi? (Just ask for his dog tag, which looks like a very specific design choice.)

Karl Heisenberg has nothing to do with the Nazis.