Resident Evil Village’s most completed game in 2021

Resident Evil Village If the game time tracking site might just be the most complete game of the year How long to fight Is accurate.According to reports Aksios (pass through Kotaku), the website lists the most complete games of this year, with Village at the top of the list, followed by Metroid Fear. Ranked in the top 5 are “Ricky and Jingle: Separation of the Rift”, “Need Two” and “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”.

Also interesting is the most “retired” (read: obsolete) game, with Valheim at the top of the list, with 12 Minutes, Loop Hero, The Ascent and Outriders occupying the rest of the top 5. Another interesting statistic is the longest game, which is Pathfinder: A Mile of Wrath of Justice. Of course, the raw data of most people who play the game also exists, and Forza Horizon 5 received this honor.

Tracking sites like this should be treated with caution. However, this is still a fascinating observation for a small sample of gaming habits and the games they play. It’s also cool to see this type of information outside of corporate messaging.

Resident Evil Village has proven to be very popular and is a powerful sequel. At the same time, Metroid Dread is also a fan favorite sequel, so it’s no surprise that these two games are at the top of the most complete list. These statistics are more data points that show how these games rate the people who play them.