Respawn confuses everyone with the statement that “Titanfall 3 does not exist” and says “who knows what the future holds”

In the live broadcast earlier this week, Rebirth Entertainment Community Coordinator Jason Garza (Jason Garza) denied our Titanfall game. Garza was asked to provide updates to the series and reiterated-to everyone’s disappointment-that there is no development content there.

“Don’t hope too much, buddy. As I said before, we just don’t have any work. There is nothing there. We have too many other games in production right now,” Garza Said.

It is worth noting that this statement was made at the end of the personal live broadcast on Garza’s own YouTube channel. Nonetheless, his work as a frequent endorser for Respawn caused his comments to spread.

Although what he said was not really new information; it caused enough sensation that Respawn had to make an official comment, although unfortunately it did not clarify anything. On Twitter, the developers left a vague “who knows what the future will be” message.

“Contrary to some reports, the fall of the Titans is the core of our DNA,” Respawn Said“Who knows what the future holds…”

More than a year ago, Vince Zampella, the head of Respawn, said something similar. “Nothing is currently in development,” Zampela said at the time.

“But it’s always there. You will see something coming back [through the lore in Apex Legends]. At some point, I personally hope to see some kind of resurrection there. We will see if I can do this. “

This is not entirely surprising. Even if Respawn wants to relive “The Fall of Titans”, it may take a while before enough people do it. The studio is producing a sequel to the Fallen Jedi Order, at least a mysterious new IP, and continues to launch regular content updates for Apex Legends.