Return 4 Blood | Game Informant Live

Developer Turtle Rock Studios’ new zombie co-op experience is here, which is good news for fans who want to get Left 4 Dead style games. Although Back 4 Blood did not reach the height of its inspiration, the game is good at putting players into exciting and intense shooting games. To celebrate the release of B4B, we will specifically cancel the Ridden live broadcast on our Twitch at 2pm Central Time!

Join Dan Tucker, Alex Stadnick, Marcus Stewart and special guest Christine Williams, web designers and programmers at GI, who will play the role of cleaners. And finish as many four acts of Back 4 Blood as possible in two hours. We will test multiple weapons in the game, smash special cavalry, and explore new fascinating card systems. In our review, we said:

This experience started to have an impact on me when I started to build courses that suit my situation. By the third act, I had assembled enough cards to create a shotgun-wielding tank that could rush into the battlefield, knock down dozens of zombies, and then run back without losing too much HP. This Thanks to a card, it provided a healthy and prosperous shot for my landing hits. On another occasion, my team and I failed to kill a boss, and as a result we both added a card, which increased the damage of the special Ridden by 20%. The more my team changes our decks and equipment, the less we need to throw ammo for each other and we become a more efficient unit. Even after facing the final boss, I still have a lot of cards to unlock, and there are new reasons to go back to the previous level.

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