Return 4 The bloodless update brings statistics tracking and the progress of single player games

Turtle Rock Studios will provide 4 blood back According to the post-launch content roadmap announced by the studio on Monday, a single-player offline mode that includes campaign progress. The model will be updated for free at the end of 2021.

Although we found that the single-player game in the PvE Zombie Shooter is not as ominous as its loading screen warnings, players will still be warned for the lack of statistics tracking and the progress of in-game achievements. Their unfounded assumption is that these restrictions are Turtle Rock’s way of pushing people to multiplayer games as an expected experience.

The single-player offline mode will be launched in the free update in December, and new supply lines, new cards, etc. will also be provided. I will also see a free 4 blood back Vaguely promised to “improve the quality of life” and “major bug fixes” patches. For free content in 2022, Turtle Rock Studios is focusing on improvements such as new difficulty modes, new cooperation modes, and more cards.

4 blood back Three premium extensions are also provided for purchasers of the game’s annual pass.The first one will be called Horror tunnel. It and the other two unnamed extensions have a 2022 release window, nothing more. They will provide new cleaners, new mounted enemies, new weapons and cards, and exclusive skins.

Turtle Rock’s Twitter account posted a visual overview of the studio’s plans after launch:

4 blood backThe annual pass alone is $39.99; anyone who purchases the deluxe and ultimate editions for $89.99 or $99.99 will get the pass. I don’t know if Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. Games will sell these extensions on a single point. 4 blood back Launched on Xbox Game Pass on the same day, it is available for PC and game console subscribers.

The PvE cooperative zombie shooting game is Turtle Rock’s third game, which started the zombie shooting game boom with the original version 13 years ago left 4 Dead Used in valves. Our review found that their winning formula updated some nods to modern gameplay, including weapon attachments and equipment rarity, ping-callout system, and deck construction.