Returnal 2.0 update adds pause loop and photo mode

Returnal came out earlier this year, although its reviews are quite good, especially in Game informant We gave it 9.5 points (out of 10 points)Some people’s criticism of roguelite is that it requires some kind of preservation system.

Before the 2.0 update, if you need to stop running in Returnal, you cannot save it-when you turn off the PlayStation 5, all your progress will be lost. Returnal runs can easily last for several hours, and when something happens poorly, there will be problems that cause you to leave the PS5, because it actually means that your time will now be worthless. It seems that Housemarque has heard those who loudly and clearly asked for some kind of save system, because Update 2.0, which is now live in the game, has a new pause loop.

“One of the main features of this update is the pause loop function, which allows you to pause the loop to continue later, allowing you to exit the game and close the console without losing the progress of the session,” PlayStation Blog Post Regarding the update read. “The structure of the game remains the same, so this feature is not a traditional mid-game “save game” option: by pausing the loop, returning will simply create a one-time use pause point. Once you continue playing, the pause point is deleted and cannot be Use it again.”

When you start running from the pause point, the pause point you just used will be deleted, and your progress will be captured from that point. Of course, you can create a new pause point in the run later.

Housemarque stated that with the exception of boss battles, cutscenes, first-person sequences, or “fierce battle scenes,” pause points can be used for most of a given run because it “feels like certain moments in Returnal are the most A good experience rather than fragmented retention of expected challenges and processes.”

Returnal’s update 2.0 also brings a new photo mode to the game.

“At any time during the game (except for some limited situations, such as our first-person sequence), you can simply pause the game and enter photo mode, which will let you control the camera,” Housemarque wrote in a PlayStation blog post . You can then use the analog joystick and adaptive trigger to move the camera and choose the perfect angle for your photo. ”

Other settings include focal length, aperture, saturation, contrast, different light source groups, filters, effects, frames, coloring options, etc. Returnal’s update 2.0 is now live in the game.

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