Returnal now has pause loop function and photo mode

Housemarque finally added a more convenient suspend function returnTo get you back to a certain point in the game.

As part of today’s update, the pause cycle will allow you to pause your cycle to continue later. This will allow you to exit the game and close the console without losing progress.

But this feature is not your traditional “save game” mode, because the game will only create a one-time pause point. Once you start playing again, the pause point will be deleted and cannot be used again.

Your game will continue directly from where you left off. You will be able to pause the loop again, so it is not just a one-off. Only one suspend cycle can be saved at a time.

However, this feature has some caveats. First, you can’t save in the boss battle, and second, you can’t create a point in a cutscene. This feature is not available in first-person scenes and intense battle scenes.

Housemarque said that the use of this special save method will maintain the rogue spirit and “high risk” commitment to the player’s running, and still provide the convenience of quality of life.

In addition to the pause function, there is also a photo mode.

Using this mode, you can shoot at any point in the game to preserve the first-person sequence. You only need to pause the game and enter the photo mode to control the camera. Analog joysticks and adaptive triggers are used to move the camera.

After selecting a lens, you can use settings such as focal length, aperture, saturation, or contrast to beautify your image.

You can also set up different light sources and choose from various filters, effects, frames, coloring options, and more.

To shoot, just click the create button on the DualSense controller.

The game was released as a PS5 exclusive version in April. If you are just getting started or are experiencing difficulties, check out some of our return tips to learn how to make the most of your cycle. We also have a handy guide on the best weapons to use when running.