Returns developers still don’t understand how to implement storage

Sheriff Sayed
May 14, 2021 10:25 GMT

Returns may allow players to save at some point, and developers are currently hashing those details.

Returns Is Housemarque’s roguelike game, but unlike many modern takes in this genre, it can’t be saved in the middle of the game. It returns to the beginning when it dies, as well as other reasons that may stop playing before it finishes running.

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This has been the subject of great criticism not only by critics but also by fans since the game’s release. Housemarque said he was aware of player feedback on saves, but had nothing to announce. And now we know why.

Talk to Axios GamingMikael Haveri, Marketing Director at Housemarque, said developers are currently looking for ways to implement preservation, but that’s not a simple solution.

“I understand that there are some systems that are currently in the way,” says Haveli.

According to Haveli, the solution is not yet clear. As a result, the developers haven’t said much about this, other than confirming that it’s under investigation.

“Currently we don’t know exactly what it is,” he explained. “So it’s very difficult to announce something, because I think there are a lot of different people looking for different things.”

With Returnal, saving while running is more important than most other roguelike games, as it can take a long time to run. Many people can’t commit as much as four hours of uninterrupted game time.

If you want to get the game, start with the FAQ about how the game works and common returns that cover many of the lesser-known systems. And this story for our best return weapon recommendations.

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