Review: Necromunda: Hired Gun settings are its only real strength

I’m a sucker for the setting Necromunda: Hired gunIn Necromunda’s Warhammer 40,000 Hive World, gangsters are fighting for power, rich wage wars, and bounty hunters are famous. Warhammer 40,000 has been immutable in my life since I was about 14 years old. When I was a teenager, when I read the novel “Cal Jericho” by Gordon Rennie and Will McDermott, I first fell in love with Necromunda. Necromunda: Underhive, I went deeper when I got the box set for a skirmish-based tabletop game about the lawless and violent gang war. It dominates.

That’s all why I played to the end Necromunda: Hired gun, Streum On Studio’s fast-paced first-person shooter. Warhammer video games are often a hit. Necromunda: Hired gunThe setting is a hit. Everything else is a mistake.

Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive Via Polygon

HitmanWhen I opened the two missions, it tasted bad. The first gun my bounty hunter used was uncomfortable, super fast, DoomI didn’t like the gameplay. The player is agile, smart and agile, but the enemy’s AI is completely different. Then, I got a fully automatic weapon, Bolter, which launches rocket-propelled bullets.When combined with a grappling hook Necromunda: Hired gun It took a little too long to serve, but the game is finally starting to get fun.

However, the AI ​​of the enemy did not improve at all, and it is a pity that there are few types of enemies. The Necromunda settings are packed with interesting enemies to face, but in most cases players will only play against Goliath, Escher, and Orlock Ganga. (Ultimately face other enemies, but I don’t want to ruin them.) All three gangsters differ greatly in their strengths and appearances, but the three are the same: given Stand in position and wait to die; teleport and wait to die. Or drop the ammo in your direction and wait for it to die. The range of movement of the player suggests that the battle is fast, brutal and dynamic. It’s definitely fast and brutal, but never dynamic.

This sense of stagnation in gameplay extends to the structure of the mission and the development of the story. There are few, and it’s all bad. The world of central hubs is a good example. This is a bounty hunter’s den, where players undertake main missions and sub-contracts, and vendors provide weapons and equipment (boosts).This area Necromunda: Hired gunThe story is delivered to the player, but the story only speaks to the same three people during each mission. What they say is never interesting. Still, there are some cool encounters, especially with characters and places that are directly linked to tabletop games and related fiction. For example, get ready to meet a particular ponytail bounty hunter.

Necromunda residents stand around a gritty bar

Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive

Once the mission is accepted, the player must land in a vast area, explore from points A across B and C, and participate in shootouts and small puzzles. There aren’t many.

When a fierce battle unfolds, Necromunda: Hired gun It’s a really fun dissonance of mayhem and cartoon-like Gore. The sound design is nicely punchy and the player’s movements are pretty good, but everything else around is a bit bad. Try new weapons and use reliable cyber dogs more often (yes). , You have a dog companion and you can keep pets and feed) or increase the difficulty and never change the fight.

The ambition of the game can be seen at the edge. It helps to present compelling ideas each time it goes beyond what is reasonably feasible. The run may be half-hearted, but the design team’s apparent desire to properly demonstrate the Necromunda setting and the fight within it worked for me. Combat is by no means difficult, but the bounty hunter It makes me feel like.Several Necromunda: Hired gunThe most interesting moment of is when you come across an already ongoing gang war and you have to fight both while fighting each other. The setting makes it feel lively, but it shows where the story failed.

The story of this game does not capture the ever-changing landscape of gang warfare, such as assassinations, ambushes, and back stabs. Instead, it leans towards the worst aspects of Warhammer’s storytelling, throwing too many proper nouns at the player, but too gruesome for the setting that coined the term. Even if you skip most dialog sections, the story is told visually. In fact, that may be more effective. Many levels look similar, but the jumping, shooting, and sprinting areas still have a sense of history and huge scale and character.

Necromunda: A Hired Gun player character jumps towards an armored enemy.

Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive

“One sound” is a fairly rough word, Necromunda: Hired gun That’s exactly it. But the one note it hits is a setting I like and is enough to keep playing a 6-hour or 7-hour campaign.If you enjoyed Doom (2016) But I wanted the game to be more buggy and the enemies wouldn’t move around that much. Then this game is exactly what you’re looking for. (The bug I encountered on the Xbox Series X is the game. It wasn’t like breaking a bug, Hitman Certainly the edges are rough. )

Necromunda: Hired gun Very average. It’s surprisingly okay and thankfully short. Still, I’m pretty happy. I didn’t expect to shoot a bolter at an enemy in a first-person shooter, running through Necromunda’s hideout, through a sunken imperial chapel and a vague room of purpose. Go to the table again. If you especially enjoy Warhammer 40,000 and Necromunda, you’ll put up with everything that’s thrown to make this game unpleasant.

There is time and place for a truly average game. In a world where every triple A game seems to have to be either “great” or “terrible”, it’s fun enough, interesting enough, and (again, thankfully) pretty short. is. Necromunda: Hired gun Great average game.

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