Revisit Crimzon Clover, a shmup that rivals the best of its kind

Back in 2011, the global shmup community was filled with complaints about new creations in the Japanese “doujin” enthusiast game development scene. It’s called Crimzon Clover, and after the full version first appeared at a fan convention in Japan in late 2010, plenty of rumours suggested it was really something special.

Fortunately, the guess turned out to be correct. Crimzon Clover takes the form of a typical insane bullet hell shmup — or in more traditional terms, a shooter — and it does it well. Like many of the best shmups, it blends hyperactivity, overwhelming speed, and massive scoring depth, and is equally challenging, rewarding, and exciting. If you’re imagining sweeping, terrifyingly dense bullet patterns realized in neon colors, intersecting as player ships pass through small hard-to-achieve gaps while shooting a barrage of enemies, you’ve got the right type of game in mind.