Riders Republic early review: already very special

We need weeks or even months to see its full potential Cavaliers Republic, A smorgasbord of extreme sports, debuted today after an online private test limited to specific parts of the map.The player (and commenter) just saw it for the first time overall Its open world is a hodgepodge of seven U.S. national parks, with countless online players. This game is very ambitious.

So yes, we need a little time to see all the scenery and piece together our feelings into a complete comment. But I don’t share one thing you need to know right now: Cavaliers Republic It’s very special-I played it even during the trial week before the game was released.

You choose from a variety of extreme sports (mountain bikes, snowboards and jetpacks, to name a few), and then jump off the hill before rushing to the finish line with your peers. From there, the overall path branches in countless directions, all of which have one important thing in common: put fun first.

Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon

Want to warp to the mountain? Open the map, choose a location, wow, you are there.

Want to change sports? Press and hold the bumper button and swap instantly. No need to pause or load.

Want to ignore the game altogether and explore with friends? The campaign of the game is the choice from one game to the next. Otherwise, you will be in the center of the world, wherever you choose, you will find your adrenaline surge.

If you choose to participate in the competition, the culmination of this “fun above all” philosophy is a large-scale competition, in which dozens of players sprint dangerously. These roads are not built for so many vulnerable people, and the screen is full of blurry. Colorful sportswear. Skill will keep you ahead, but winning these races is often an opportunity because you lash out at other racers and all of you try to squeeze through the bottom of dense trees or narrow passage canyons.

Fair? Not that much. pleasure? you are right!

A woman on a mountain bike is doing a backflip on a snow-covered mountain in the Riders Republic.

Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon

During the six hours I spent in the mountains and valleys, I liked the openness of the game the most. In a race, my rider went from a mountain biker to a skier holding a snowboard rocket in mid-air. A good guy on Twitter suggested that I fiddle with deformation outside of the game, so I strapped a jetpack and flew at full speed on the highway, and then switched to road bikes. I probably broke the land speed record for biking, and then threw my rider hundreds of feet off the cliff.

This style will Familiar fans steep, The predecessor of Ubisoft Annecy Cavaliers Republic. I often say steep It is the best game no one has ever played, but it is not the case. Ubisoft’s open world winter extreme sports feast was struggling when it was released, but when Sony added the game to PlayStation Plus in 2018, nearly 10 million people went uphill. Ubisoft is not so outspoken about the time spent by these 10 million players.

To me happy steep Just a few hours of quietly sliding down the pristine hillside, alone with casual songs from my Spotify playlist. Cavaliers Republicc This is still allowed, thanks to a comprehensive menu option, which can remove other players and mute the overbearing soundtrack. But its creators have realized that although the empty slope is very attractive to me, most people who play video games in 2021 want to be with other people: friends, competitors-anyone.

Under a small wooden bridge in the Knights Republic, a man almost flew in a jetpack.

Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon

Cavaliers Republic Like a complete rewrite steep, Its creative team learned all the lessons from the draft and started from scratch. Of course, it has more extreme sports, but more importantly, it is a deeper social experience. It exudes joy and does not depend on the fundamentals of its contemporaries, such as battles, winner-takes-all competition, and linear narratives in melodramas.

Can it maintain that community? Are there enough players to accept its boring conversations? If the fan base grows to 10 million or more, how will the server endure it? Does any such game need to update the roadmap?

Once the server is open to everyone, when we delve into the game, we will think of these issues. But there are so many things to love here. It is tempting to grant this Polygon recommendation badge immediately, but for now, we will practice patience-and use this as an excuse to spend a few more hours of “work”.

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