Riders Republic Year 1 roadmap includes a variety of free and paid content

Ubisoft announces a roadmap for content after the first year of release Cavaliers Republic.

The content includes free seasonal content and exclusive content for Year 1 Pass owners, and will include four different seasons with unique themes.

It started on the first day of the pre-season grand opening. Players can participate in the release celebration of the game by playing multiplayer mode group competitions, skill battles, free for everyone and battles. They will also unlock exclusive rewards through weekly challenges.

Year 1 Pass owners will be able to use two pairs of Exotic Kits to explore the map: Rocket Bike and Rocket Skis. These will enable players to relive the game at high speed and create their own journeys and stunts.

Winter will enter the game in the first season, and the Winter Carnival will introduce a seasonal progression, allowing players to unlock content and rewards by participating in limited-time multiplayer experiences, events, and special events. In addition, Year 1 Pass owners will have access to additional exotic kits, which include exclusive skins and content, and exclusive legendary cosmetic packages.

For the second season, the showdown multiplayer mode will come. This mode is a 6v6 confrontation in the arena. Players will work with their team to collect and obtain more gems than the opposing team. Year 1 Pass owners will get extra exotic equipment with exclusive skins and content.

The third season will bring the BMX Sport Add-on and the BMX dedicated arena to the game. Players can also look forward to the discovery of new playgrounds and activities. The BMX season dedicated to Year 1 Pass owners will also bring a brand new BMX career, including new sponsors and events, and a legendary cosmetic package.

Finally, the Year 1 Pass provides exclusive access to Rocket Skis and Rocket Bike exotic kits on the first day, as well as all other exotic kits and BMX sports add-ons for 7 days in advance.

The Year 1 Pass content can be purchased separately or by pre-purchasing the gold and ultimate versions of the game.

Riders Republic is a massively multiplayer outdoor sports game that will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC on October 28 through Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Players can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ on PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Pre-ordered games will provide players with bunny packs, which include customized bunny costumes, additional blue bunny heads and rainbow snowboard paint.