Riot Games pays $100 million to resolve sex discrimination lawsuits

According to a report from Washington post, Riot Games is reconciling a long-standing gender-based discrimination class action, amounting to US$100 million. More specifically, US$80 million will be used for members of the class action, and the remaining US$20 million will be used to pay the plaintiff’s legal costs.

according to Washington postShannon Liao, “All current and former California employees and contractors who have worked at Riot Games and identified as women from November 2014 to the present are eligible for payment.” Since the number of eligible participants exceeds 2,300 women, those People who have been in the company for a longer time or hired by Riot earlier may receive more compensation.

The settlement is the result of a lawsuit filed by former employees against Riot Games in 2018. The lawsuit alleges that the work culture of League of Legends developers is very anti-female. This includes discriminating against women in the workplace and refusing to hire women who the company does not consider to be “core players.” Originally, this lawsuit had to be settled in 2019 at one-tenth of the amount we reported at the time. The California Department of Fair Housing and Employment stepped in to deny the amount that led to today’s agreement to be paid.

Riot’s workplace culture is implementing other changes, including providing better channels for contractors or temporary workers to be fully employed by the company, and providing better pay transparency for potential new employees.

For the full story of the cause of this lawsuit, please view Kotakuof Expose the matter since 2018.