Riot reveals new League of Legends Void champion Bel’veth

Riot Games reveals its latest details League of legends Get the title with a movie trailer.

The new champion, Belvis, is an empress and “forgotten god” from the void heart of Runeterra.

Described as a “dark cancer” that has metastasized in the heart of the Void, Bel’Veth wants to devour and rebuild Runeterra in her own image. She devoured entire cities and their populations, and repurposed the information gathered from each city for an alien landscape known as the Lavender Sea. In the void, she forces everyone to obey her will or be destroyed.

Here’s a short biography of Bel’veth:

Although new to Runterra, her birth has been thousands of years in the making – the end result of an allergic reaction between the void and the nascent reality. The primordial dimension of once peaceful nothingness was irreversibly shattered at the formation of existence, and the forcibly individualized Void Entity fought a thousand-year onslaught to protect itself from shock and pain. Erase everything they consume, and they name what they leave behind – nothingness. But with each exposure to the world, the inner beings change, mutating from their once-perfect forms into hedonistic violent animals. The void also changed.

After every battle, every invasion, something more sinister grows in a hidden womb in the darkest depths of the Void Tunnel… buildings, sunlight, primitive humanoid limbs close to nothingness… a jigsaw puzzle, not a single piece fits … the void took on a new, terrifying shape.

Over time, fueled by humanity’s opening of the war rift and the Wardens’ attempts to invade the Freljord, this blasphemous pocket of non-creation has gradually embraced the opposites of the Old Void: desires, wants, and wants. Soon, it longed for a leader. Someone – or something – can write a terrifying new chapter in the world above and below. A leader who can communicate with these “humans”, tell them what is to come, and reap their emotions and memories as they fight a bitter, futile war until the last flame of civilization goes out and a new age is born.

That leader is Belvis. A terrifying queen was born from the combined memories, experiences and emotions of the entire devoured port city and its surrounding oceans – Bellevus’ mind contains millions of years of well-preserved knowledge as she prepares to destroy Runeterra and her The ancestors of the watchmen’s realm.

For those lucky enough to be of strategic value to her, she doesn’t lie, ask questions, or obfuscate the truth – she just states the nature of things, because by the nature of the Void itself, victory is almost guaranteed, there Needless to say. And for those who don’t like her, they’ll find that her human form is just adaptive – nerve endings, muscles and eye stalks – as she spreads her enormous wings to reveal her true, terrifying figure .

Ironically, the ancient Shurimans had such a concept. Roughly translated as “God of Oblivion,” this is the tribal myth of a ruthless deity who wipes everything without hatred and replaces it with himself. They named the city of Belvis after it, although the real meaning was lost hundreds of years later. Perhaps lost to all but the creature the city has become.

More details on Bel’veth will be announced next week.