Riot settles sex discrimination lawsuit for $100 million

Industry giant Riot Games has reached a settlement with California agencies on a sex discrimination class action lawsuit for a total of $100 million. The League of Legends publisher will pay $80 to the members of the class action, and the plaintiff’s legal fees will pay $20 million.

The lawsuit started in 2018 Kotaku Exposure Summarizes Riot’s “sexist culture”. The lawsuit was originally scheduled to be settled for US$10 million in 2019, but the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) filed a lawsuit in the court, saying that class victims should be entitled to up to US$400 million in compensation, thus blocking the agreement. The parties to the lawsuit have signed the agreement, which will now be approved by the judge.

Since November 2014, the classes eligible for payment include approximately 1,065 female employees and 1,300 female contractors. Those who work longer in the company are entitled to higher payments. Under the settlement agreement, Riot must also implement workplace reforms, allow third parties to analyze its compensation structure, recruitment and promotion practices, and allow independent monitoring of Riot’s California office for sexual harassment and retaliation claims.