Riot will celebrate the arcane of the League of Legends Netflix series throughout November

Riot Games will celebrate its new Netflix animated series Arcane in all of its League of Legends universe games throughout November. The event, called RiotX Arcane, starts today and will officially start on November 6th at the League of Legends World Championship.

This upcoming “Super Weekend” will include the World Championship Tournament and the first episode of Arcane, which premieres at 5:30 pm Pacific time on Saturday. This will be the first Netflix show to premiere on Twitch at the same time, and fans can watch it on Riot’s page or co-play it on the Twitch channels of other content creators. The remaining two episodes of Arcane will be released on Netflix every week.

To commemorate the premiere of Arcane, Riot will release updates for all league-related games throughout the month, some of which are based on new shows. The following is what Riot will prepare for players throughout November:

League of Legends:

  • Free Arcane inspired skins for Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx
  • The 2022 preseason update includes new elemental dragons, items, and runes
  • Caitlyn Art and Sustainable Development Update
  • The accent of Summoner Canyon on the map and more!

League of Legends: Wild Rift:

  • Arcane experience in-game activities
  • Arcane Jinx and Vi skins can be obtained for free through daily login rewards
  • The long-awaited release of Jayce and Caitlyn at the Hextech Heist event
  • Guild vs Guild theme week, including Jinx vs Vi

Legend of Runeterra:

  • Release a new permanent PvE mode, the road to champions
  • New champion: Jess
  • Piltover & Zaun’s theme support card
  • Large Event Pass

Team battle tactics:

  • Gadgets and gadget sets released
  • Arcane-themed tactician, including the introduction of a new Chibi Champion
  • A new two-player mode allows you to play with your friends


  • Free RiotX Arcane Pass
  • Free in-game collectibles
  • In-game Arcane Collector Set
  • New Agent: Chamber of Commerce

Fans can also check out Riot’s month-long narrative adventure, which can be found at the following URL The world of RiotX Arcane Activity CenterThe story will advance throughout November and reward players with in-game merchandise. Starting from November 7th, people who watch any of the above fist matches will also get a Twitch drop.

Will you watch the premiere of Arcane this weekend? Are you looking forward to adding these new characters, modes or skins to the Riots game? Let us know in the comments!