RIP Fallout 4 Dogmeat: A dog actor who is a friend of the developer has died

Fallout 4The real dogmeat-a German shepherd named River, who takes care of designer Joel Burgess-has died. Anyway, she was a good boy.

“What we wanted was a companion first, then a combat companion.” Burgess wrote — Dogmeat — on Twitter on Sunday. In a thread commemorating the River, he remembered stopping by a new developer’s desk. fall out Four The team, one was tasked with creating the character for Dogmeat, “Research covered the wall. German shepherd groans, all teeth, countless images of attacking posture.”

“Within a day or two, the river started visiting the studio,” Burgess wrote.

Burgess writes that by deepening ties with the developers, the river helped them make friends in the world beyond “dog weapons.”Burgess was worried that without compassionate development, that would be all. Fallout 4The signature companion will be.

“They make more bonds [River]The more they see Dogmeat as a character, a friend, “Burgess told a colleague.

River was a model of Dogmeat, both visually and behaviorally. “Her markings worked very well on pose readings and facial expressions,” Burgess explained. He and his fellow developers, Jean Simonet, went for a walk with the River. So Simonet said, “She went out, but always stopped to look back and check. [on] I. Burgess wrote that the behavior entered the game and had a major impact on the game’s path logic.

Dogmeat is a character whose pedigree extends to the first two games released by Interplay in 1997 and 1998. Dogmeat is back as a companion to Bethesda Game Studios. Fallout 3 Featured in 2008 to be even more prominent Fallout 4Especially in the trailer and gameplay preview that introduces the game in 2015.

The effect of the river on the character can also be seen in Dogmeat’s ability to find useful items (if in the area) with commands. According to Burgess, colleagues John Paul Duval and Jay Woodward have found that the river is free to retrieve big things just because they “loved to make people happy.” … Her intentions were pure, but her judgment was not always perfect. “

In particular, Dogmeat as a combat AI focuses on keeping enemies in place. Characters are intended to protect the player and “often throw themselves in a way that directly harms them.” Fallout 4The first big boss battle with Concord’s Deskrow is a great example. “If you’ve ever had a German Shepherd, you understand.”

Burgess said Fallout 4 He can’t or can’t say which is right, leaving “some clues that are deliberately inconsistent” with respect to the original owner of Dogmeat. More importantly, “like your character, Dogmeat is out of time,” he said. “This dog doesn’t belong here, and you don’t.

“Dogmeat is a jumpsuit,” Burgess continued. “He roots you in the world, always stands by you, guides you to your family and predicts your needs. He wants you to be safe and happy. In other words. If he loves you

“And if love is a legacy of the river, I’m happy,” Burgess said.