Risk Shadow Forces is the spiritual successor to the first traditional game

in 2011 Risk legacy Forever changed the board game. The wonderful adaptation of the classic strategy game has created a new genre-the traditional genre-that seems to be overnight.Now, ten years after its release, the publisher Hasbro is developing Risk shadow power, The spiritual successor created with the help of the famous designer Craig Van Ness. Polygon has the first details about what fans should expect when the full game is released in the fall of 2022.

Risky legacy Created and designed by Rob Daviau, he asked a simple question: Why would a board game abandon what you played last time and just start from scratch, like Groundhog Day? therefore, Risky legacy It is the first board game with a certain kind of memory. Over time, the experience continues to evolve by adding additional game mechanics to respond to events in the game. Players are required to write on the blackboard; apply stickers to change the cards, characters and positions on the map; and completely destroy game elements.

The end result is a dynamic movement in a box and the reinventing of the classic first published in 1957.It will continue to inspire things like Under Harbor, Legacy of the pandemic, Even The Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile.

Build a legacy

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But the plot of the original Risk legacy? Hmm…a bit too late. AvatarThe styled mechas pitted against the brutal berserkers, while futuristic armored soldiers formed teams to eliminate mutants and alien invaders. By the end of the 14 linked games, the world created by the players is unique, but to a large extent it is also difficult to understand.

Chris Nadeau, the senior director and head of product development of the Hasbro Avalon Hill team, told Polygon that his goal this time was to retain the original version’s functionality Risky legacy, And then work hard to turn to more cohesive storytelling.

“One of the key goals Shadow Force“,” Nadeau said, “to ensure that players not only experience technical gameplay-the emotional connection with the gameplay itself-but also feel that they are telling their own story. “

risk It’s an interesting game because it really never had a story,” Nadeau continued. “The original game was essentially this Napoleon oil painting That belongs to your uncle’s smoking room. […] We can put an IP in risk In a way that we have never done before, or we can make up for it. It can be new, original and different. “

Nadeau’s team took the second option, abandoning many of Hasbro’s existing universes in favor of new ones.

Nardo said: “We need a sufficient timetable to resolve all our fears about the real world now.” “Climate change. The slow decline of society and government. These private companies and the super-rich are doing things, such as in space. Flying in the air. If we maintain this speed and acceleration for the next 29 years, what will happen?”

world map

Risk shadow power Occurs in 2050. Humans gather to develop a new clean energy source in order to colonize Mars. However, before the expedition officially began, tragedy happened. Armies and companies all over the world are attacking each other. The traditional superpowers were marginalized, and powerful warlords took advantage of the situation to fill the vacuum.

Players will start Risk shadow power By choosing one of these warlords, then continue to play the same warlord in 15 connected games. Each warlord has its own background story, which will help define their unique theme and evolving power. Maybe they are highly mobile and can move the army easily and quickly on the map. Or, they may be highly defensive, with rewards for controlling territory and countering invaders. These abilities will be represented by a small stack of cards that can be used when it is the player’s turn to influence the outcome of a given battle on the world map.

A computer rendering of the final product showed a dark map of the world and several sideboards on the table.

Global map, most of the actions are in Risk shadow power Will be held.
Image: Mount Avalon/Hasbro

Next is the faction, which is different from the traditional game risk, Everyone will have their own abilities.Before each game, players will choose a faction, which is different from drafting cards in the game Magic: Party, So they never know what combination they will get in every game. The synergy between a given player’s chosen warlord and its semi-randomly assigned faction will require the immediate development of new strategies.

Battle game

Nardo and his team did not stop there. Risk shadow power Including the traditional global domination game, as well as a secondary game. In order to make the action more personalized, between battles on the world map, individual warlords will take up weapons and engage in tactical skirmishes. Risk shadow power It will be equipped with two double-sided battle boards in which players will engage in firefights. This is where Craig Van Ness comes in.

Van Ness is an industry veteran with decades of experience.His greatest fame is as a co-designer Hero landscape, A luxury skirmish game first released in 2004. In it, players play roles from multiple different timelines, duel with unique powers on the modular terrain.He also co-designed Star Wars: Epic duel. This is the title that inspired the popular board game Unparalleled, The cooperation between Mondo and Restoration Games also uses a small-scale conflict mechanism. It can be said that when it comes to small unit board game battles, Van Ness has the experience of making this game style sing.

Close-up of miniatures of five warlords.

There will be five tactical clashes between the 10 games played on the global map.
Image: Mount Avalon/Hasbro

“He sat there, opened this notebook, and not only wrote down the flaws of the things he wanted to see, but also possible solutions,” Nardo said. “From the moment he was introduced to the mechanic, he played metadata in his mind. In a way, this allowed Craig to facilitate his process and make it pass the alpha test smoothly. He has passed that The moment of discovery, he was already debugging the moment he started playing.”

but Hero landscape Not the only reputation of Van Niss. He is also known as a co-designer-together with Daviau and the late Alan Roach- Star Wars: The Queen’s Beginning. This is an obscure out-of-print board game based on the climax of the final battle Star Wars: The Threat of Ghosts. Queen’s trick Not a single game, but three interrelated games happening at the same time. In it, players will conduct space wars over the surface of Naboo, as well as an attack on the Queen’s Throne Room-with the decoy Padme Amidala. At the same time, they played Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kui Gang Jin against Darth Moore. The result is an incredibly tense, interconnected strategy game that has never been tried before or after.

It’s just the kind of experience needed to accomplish things like that Risk shadow power, And Van Ness is very excited about its prospects.

“You start from this global map of the world, and then go straight into this skirmish game,” Van Niss told Polygon. “Each skirmish game has a different goal. It’s played differently. Similarly, the global game is played differently. This produces some real twists and turns. Either the settings are different, the goals are different, or we introduce you Anticipated new things, or new ways of playing.”

Due to the confidentiality surrounding traditional games, neither Van Ness nor Nadeau can be sure what will be in the box when it is finally shipped next fall. It can be said that in addition to 5 unique warlords and more than 200 additional miniatures, there will be four sealed envelopes and a sealed container. No one can guess the contents of these sealed packages. The suggested retail price of the final product is US$68.99. Pre-orders will begin soon, and those who pay to purchase copies will be included in the ongoing design process-which is very similar to modern crowdfunding board games.

For more information Risk shadow power, Go to Hasbro Pulse Community website.