River City Girls Zero postponed to early 2022

WayForward announced that the next game in the River City Girls series, River City Girls Zero, has been postponed. The company said that this action-rich game needs to spend a little more time in the oven, and then they announced a tentative release in early 2022. Here is the full content of the new River City Girls game:

“Jiangcheng Maid No. 0 is the first time for players to experience the violent collision and trampling of Misako and Kyoko, Guofu and Nicholas on the street. actionAlthough the graphics, music and gameplay are consistent with the classic 16-bit Super Famicom version, this version marked the first time the game was localized in the West in 1994. Also added a new opening animation, new comic cutscenes and a new theme song by River City Girls composer Megan McDuffee.Depart alone or team up with local friends cooperative And discover how the story of the River City girl started! “