Riverdale season 6 trailer teases Sabrina Crossover

At this point, it’s impossible Riverdale go out Riverdale In itself, but the first promo of the sixth season of the CW TV series is drawing to a close.New season Riverdale Will begin on Tuesday, November 16, and the five-episode event will be Sabrina’s Thrilling Adventure cross. In this event called “Rivervale”, Kiernan Shipka will replay the role of Sabrina Spellman in nearly a year. confusion Ended its four seasons on Netflix.

There are still few official details about “Rivervale”, but it is clear that this arc will Absolutely wildAfter Cheryl (Madeline Page) discovered that her ancestors were burned alive, she seemed to have a new hobby: leading a witches’ club. In the trailer, the gorgeously dressed Cheryl watched a group of young women clutching voodoo dolls. She ominously instructed: “We must go back to the old way.” But this is not even the craziest part of the trailer: there is another claiming to be Devilish men, some supernatural-looking ghouls, and Betty (Lily Reinhardt) declares that what she wants most is to have a baby with Archie (KJ Apa).

Compared to all of these, the (seemingly) resurrected witches appearing in the town seem almost weird.

Unfortunately, we only saw Sabrina appear in Riverdale At the end of the trailer. “Look at what the black cat dragged in,” said Cheryl, smiling when she saw Sabrina. She seemed equally excited to see the change from a cheerleader to a gang leader to an obvious witch group leader.according to Eh!, “Brina first appeared in the fourth episode of “Witcher Moment”, in which Cheryl will try a spell that “this may mean the difference between life and death of the beloved member of the Blossom family”. As an expert in magic Being a death expert again, we can’t imagine someone better than Sabrina to support Cheryl’s adventurous efforts.

Riverdale Return on 9/8c of CW on Tuesday, November 16.